The Brief

Brad and Tracey needed their site to be mobile responsive. Unfortunately, the web developer who’d built their site about 8 years ago was no trekking the world and wasn’t in a position to help.

They wanted us to not only build them a site that was mobile responsive, but also incorporate all of the changes they had made in their business over those 8 years. The site also needed to be easy enough for Tracey to add content later. The system they had been using to that point was called October CMS, and Tracey was really struggling to do anything with it.

Our Approach

After the initial conversions with Brad and Tracey, we built out a design that not only incorporated their quirky personalities but also highlighted their passion of green energy.

We built the site in WordPress to allow for the ultimate flexibility in the future, and gave Tracey access to our client training materials to allow for easy content updates.

The Result

Trackie Industries now gets a lot of positive feedback on their new site. Tracey also won a small competition at an SEO seminar by having the fastest loading website!

trackie power monitoring website design sydney

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